Automobile Ignition Repair

Auto Ignition Repair




Often a customer will come to us thinking their key has gone bad when it’s their ignition that is having issues. There are some makes of automobiles that tend to have ignition and key problems every several years. When it is the ignition, it is often that some (occasionally all) wafers have worn down to the point the key is no longer guided properly into the key-way and it will hang up or become difficult to turn. At times it will even keep the steering wheel from unlocking and turning.

Once the customer brings the car to us or we send one of our mobile units to the car’s location, the problem is usually diagnosed in minutes. Whether in our shop or in our mobile unit, our technicians can quickly repair the ignition or replace the key (cut and program) as necessary.


Ignition replacement

There are times where the ignition is damaged beyond repair (often due to the owner trying to repair it themselves). Our technicians can replace your ignition quickly and accurately. Some customers experience their steering wheel not turning when their key is inserted in the ignition. This also is often an ignition issue. If your key does not operate smoothly in your ignition it is best for you to contact us immediately and let us find and fix the issue. If not, it often ends up costing much more than it would have had it been addressed early. A bad key can destroy the wafers in an ignition and bad wafers can destroy a good key. To avoid unnecessary expense, contact us as soon as you notice performance issues with your key or ignition!


Our experience

PDQ’s staff has decades of experience with most makes and models of automobiles. Among our clients are auto sales companies, towing companies and many other types of companies that deal in automobiles. Our expertise at generating quality automobile keys and ignition repair has earned us the reputation as one of the best in Central Florida!

If you have ignition problems, we will come to you. Don’t pay hundreds to have your car towed to the dealer or a shop. It will cost you more for the tow than if we come to you. If you are a AAA member, often your AAA membership will cover the cost of the repairs. In most cases your ignition will be repaired in under an hour!

When you are not certain whether it is the ignition or the key, call PDQ Locksmith and let us get you on your way!


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