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Locksmith Opportunities


P.D.Q. Locksmith is a progressive and growing company. Our mission is to: provide the Fastest, friendliest and most professional locksmithing service in Florida. We seek to grow and add branches and employment opportunities throughout Florida in the coming months and years. We have opportunities available in both the clerical and technical areas of our operation.


Overview of Locksmith:

Many people know little of what a locksmith does or what’s involved in the industry. Most people think of a locksmith as the guy that gets you into your car when your keys are locked in your car. Indeed, a locksmith is that person but the industry has become so much more. Being a modern locksmith requires computer knowledge as well as knowledge in many areas. From electronic door entry devices to ocular locks to programmable proximity keys for modern automobiles. These are just a few of the dynamic and exciting areas a modern locksmith is master of. Today’s locksmith uses tools from high security laser cut key generation machines to sophisticated key fob and remote control computerized programmers. Locksmithing is a detailed and exacting business requiring a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Being a modern locksmith requires good interpersonal, analytical, physical dexterity and research skills as well. In addition to computers and high tech machinery a modern locksmith uses a wide variety of power tools from drills to grinders to multi tools.

A modern locksmith is involved with a wide variety of different type of work on a daily basis. From Electrified hinges to commercial keyless entry devices to panic exit devices. Residential rekeys, picking locks to allow people to enter their homes and making new car keys from scratch in the field.

Skills required:

To become a modern locksmith requires the ability to learn quickly in clerical, technical, mechanical, interpersonal, sales and marketing, time management, customer service and quality standards and results generation. Locksmithing is not a job but rather a trade. It’s a set of skills that constitute a specific, valuable and needed industry in our society and as modern technology changes the need for high quality skilled locksmiths has only increased.


Positions available               Position type

Locksmith trainee                            Technical

Locksmith apprentice                     Technical

Locksmith                                          Technical

Locksmith administrator               Clerical/ some technical


If you are seeking a trade and a challenging, engaging and dynamic career, call or email us today at P.D.Q. Locksmith!

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