Top Quality Electronic Car Keys For Less Than Dealer

Today’s Electronic Car Keys


Since around 2000 most auto manufacturers have begun to add anti-theft security systems on the automobiles they manufacture and with that began to use electronic keys. These keys have a transponder chip in them that are programmed to the individual car they are made for. Now almost twenty years later these keys have become quite sophisticated. Initially simple keys with a plastic head containing a small electronic chip, most have graduated to Proximity keys or (commonly referred to as: prox keys, push button keys, FOBS, smart keys, etc.) that you can keep in your pocket or purse and push a button on the dash to start the car.

Proximity Key and “Push to Start Button

As the security systems have become more sophisticated in the attempt to curtail auto theft, the electronic keys required have become more sophisticated and expensive. Different auto makers use different systems and processes, some even requiring the replacement of the car’s computer (can cost into the thousands to replace or reset) if the keys are lost.

Another challenge consumers face is that as these systems are part of the newer cars and the cost the keys has increased dramatically, auto dealers, sales and whole sellers are only providing one key for their customers now. Most don’t let their customer know that if they lose their only key is could cost them dearly!

At P.D.Q. we sell, cut and program hundreds of types of electronic keys for dozens of different makes and models of cars. Most electronic transponder, proximity or Fobik (Chrysler only) keys are in the hundreds of dollars at their respective dealer. We provide a much more reasonable option. To further help we offer our customers the option of buying a second factory key at half price when they buy one at regular price! Call us today  and let us protect you from high dealer cost and the inconvenience of losing your only key!

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